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If there should be development, we should make it sustainable.

This is one of our principle statements. Yovel East Research and Development is a company aimed at doing something positive for the environment. Our company develops products that consume less energy (or no energy at all), none pollutants, and are completely natural and when compared to non-eco alternatives have the same functionality. To date, Yovel East has already developed Solar, Wind, and Wave Energy Systems, Fuel Saver gadgets, and products about Farming.

It is our aim to give the consumers an advantageous choice in the market in choosing eco friendly products. We long to create awareness that when we choose to go green, we actually get a double benefit; first, is we make a move towards sustainability, second, is we benefit from the product.

Business is clean when transactions are done environmentally clean; that is why we want to shape our future in the research and development field and in the market by being friendly not just to the consumers but to the environment as well. This is our way of thanking God for His creation and for His faithfulness to it. And as our end, we vow to be responsible stewards through sustainable development in generating profit without compromising the needs of the future generations.

Our Advocacy
Farming • Renewable Energy • Health

Yovel East commits itself not just in the farm production but also in farming innovation by conducting seminars to farmers about farming technology and various ways to increase their produce and its marketability with lesser farming cost.

With the heart that aches with Filipinos’ predicament in electricity bills and sympathizing with the world due to alarming worldwide blackouts. Yovel East also devotes its years in developing and producing mediums for renewable energy.

Nature and its technology were fashioned for enjoyment of human but if it inhabitants are bounded by sickness its purpose is defiled. Yovel East’s search for technology is not just for the environment but also for its beneficiary – humans. With this, the company has developed seminars for health conducted by its senior agriculturists and health experts; it has also developed products and still developing more all natural and organic for a healthy developed lifestyle.

A Vision for the Philippines

Yovel or Yobel, are Hebrew words for Jubilee. As the family studies the significance of Jubilee in our time, they discovered that the year 2010 is the Jubilee of the Jubilees of Philippine discovery; it has been 490 years since Magellan discovered the Philippines. In Israel, Jubilee of Jubilees is well celebrated and the Bible has a lot of testimonies how God worked tremendously in Israel every Jubilee season. Carrying the same faith in their hearts that God has something in store for the Philippines and the burden to take part on that great plan, they started Yovel East Research and Development Inc. and pursued the call that God has set for them.

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