For Alternative Energy

Modern societies need energy to function. When supply is disrupted, life can come to a grinding halt. Dependence on any one energy source has always been a burden, that is why some countries have begun to diversify their energy supply and views renewable energy for a greener future – unfortunately, they still represent less than 0.1 percent of global energy production.

A study conducted by the Renewable Energy Coalition states that the Philippines has the following renewable energy potential:

1. Geothermal - 4,531 MW
2. Hydro electric - 13,097 MW
3. Wind -76,600 MW
4. Wave - 170,000 MW
5. Biomass - 277 Million Barrels Fuel Oil equivalent (MBFOE)/year
6. Solar Power - 5 ~ 5.1 KwH per square meter per day.

According to the article, this gives the Philippines about 264,228 MW of harvestable energy from renewable energy sources but then 99.9% is wasted, that is why Yovel East developed products which efforts to maximize the available renewable energy for greener future and generational use.

SOLAR ENERGY (actual pic. of solar panels installed and uninstalled in Bulacan, etc.) WIND AND SOLAR ENERGY (actual pic. of turbines installed and uninstalled, in UP, etc.)