For Human

Nowadays, more people usually go for pleasure more than health, but it will be better if pleasure and health go together. It’s one of Yovel East’s missions to have the health and pleasure fusion meet the market and the cravings of mankind.

9 in 1 Organic Coffee
Pleasurably healthy

Since the middle ages, coffee has always aroused scientific interests of people due to its rapid establishment from time to time to each and every home all over the world, adapting to culture, climate, and lifestyle. And now with the worldwide call to go organic, coffee as the second most consumed beverage worldwide should respond. With the perfect blend of Organic herbs plus the mysterious, complex, stimulating taste and aroma of coffee, Tazza is here to answer the call.

Here are some of the Beneficial Effects of Tazza Coffee:
• Lowers high cholesterol
• Boosts immune system
• Diabetes and Kidney problem prevention
• Improves the process of Detoxification
• Stomach Cancer prevention
• Reduces cardiovascular diseases
• Prevents bacterial infection
• Prevents cyclical breast pain and menstrual migraine
• Promotes younger looking skin
• Stress reduction from electromagnetic pollution
• Increases energy level
• Helps relieve hypertension, Insomnia, hyperacidity, Ulcer, Gastritis
• Helps relieve menopausal symptoms
• Antiviral agent
• Balances metabolism
• Lowers lipid and cholesterol
• Weight lost aid
• Increases ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate)
• Sexual Enhancer

Made from Organic Herbs and Coffee Beans