For Automobile

One apparent evidences of innovation nowadays is the evolution of transportation technology, but the more the demand for transportation is stressed, the more the predicaments it has to face especially in terms of fuel and environment aspects. That is why Yovel East, in its march for sustainability, formulated a device that saves fuel, reduces emission, and boosts engine performance.


VFuel is a device suitable for both Petrol and Diesel fuel. It is designed to reduce air pollution, saves fuel and enhances engine power through complete combustion. Fuel when completely exhausted results in optimal performance and power. It also reduces unwanted and destructive carbon. Fuel when not completely burnt, results in built-up carbon residue, which in turn affects engine efficiency, producing black smoke and toxic gases that harm the environment.

VFuel pre-conditioning fuel through Complete Combustion Technology (CCT) provides better emission and power performance. CCT ensures a smoother drive, improved travel mileage, lower maintenance costs and most importantly, a cleaner and greener exhaust.

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